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La filiera - I nostri fornitori
The supply chain

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La filiera - I nostri fornitori

Malvizza’s suppliers are all from Irpinia and Campania. The reference farms are run by managers who have great respect for the animals, their rhythms and their production cycle. Their flocks are free: they are not in stables except at night. All day long they graze on lands surrounded by woods and streams and ponds where they can drink. This guarantees the quality of the product, but also of the taste, which is as unique as the characteristics of the land where the flock is located.

Gelò jars come from the processing of sheep’s and goat’s milk cheeses made from raw milk, which means that the milk is brought to a temperature of around 38°, not more. This makes it possible to break down the pathogenic bacterial load but not the so-called “positive” one which, as the cheese matures, gives all the scents and aromas that characterise a region.

Why is biodiversity the key to the product’s flavours? A farmer miles away may have the same way of farming, but if the wild herbs the flock feeds on are different, the taste of the cheese will be different.

Grasses, hay, wheat are transferred into milk. In particular, the goats select a lot of what they eat, and this is reflected in the scents and aromas of the cheese: blackberry brambles, small wild plums of which they are fond, and the heather plant. The flavours already present in the original cheeses have inspired the flavours of the Gelò jars.