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The Malvizza company was born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Gerardo Marano and Loredana Tozza, and from the love they show for genuine, quality products and for their land, Irpinia. The ‘malvizza’ – in fact – is a breed of sheep typical of the province of Avellino. It seems that this word is the dialectal transposition of the word ‘malvista’ which means ‘to be unpopular or disliked’ because, despite the tendentially light coat, black pigmentations appear on the muzzle and face of these animals, which in some cases become real spots. The milk of this breed, which results from crossbreeding, is particularly valuable. Why pay tribute to this species by giving the company its name? Because the Malvizza company makes cheeses and cheese spreads: high quality dairy products made from sheep and goat’s milk cheeses. They are produced in the Malvizza workshop in Monteforte Irpino, in the heart of the town.

Loredana has written down the recipe but, as they start working on the project, enthusiasm takes over and they make other attempts. In the antechamber of a cellar, with an old sub-brand food processor, they “mess around” for weeks and months. So much cheese wasted! Also because, in the end, the best proportions of the ingredients, which are then the basis of all creams, are those of the first recipe, of that Sunday spring lunch.


T h e s p r e a d a b l e c r e a m s


How did the idea of producing a cheese spread come about? It was Loredana’s intuition. As a working woman and mother, she began to think of a tasty alternative in cooking, suitable not only for chefs and experts in the sector, but also for a family that likes to eat well and vary the menu in a short time.

During a classic Sunday lunch with all the relatives, Loredana gives all the diners a taste of the first version of the spreadable cream of sheep’s cheese.

Given its success, she and Gerardo decided to create their own business as well as a line of products of this type.

Creme Spalmabili Gelò

Gerardo and Loredana have merged into the Malvizza brand the experience gained from years of working in the sector and their passion for a high-quality gastronomy that is affordable for everyone.